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Seeing a couple of ants inside your house in Arlington isn’t a cause for alarm but if they start swarming, you might have a problem on your hands. Ants typically start invading homes when they find a good source of food and once they start coming, you’ll have a hard time stopping them. Ants are a real nuisance, and certain species present added threats. Carpenter ants will hollow out wooden structures until they’re irreparably damaged, while fire ants are territorial and their venom may provoke an allergic reaction.

You can buy ant control products at a store but that won’t stop a whole colony. To completely exterminate the ants that have been raiding your home in Arlington, recruit a licensed ant control company.

Dependable Ant Control

If your house in Arlington has a major ant problem, Pest Proof Pest Management will conduct an inspection to figure out what type of ants we’re up against, find their nest and get an estimate of the colony’s size. Next, we’ll employ a custom control strategy to wipe out all of the ants around your home.

Leaving an ant control job half-finished will only make your problem worse in the future, which is why it’s necessary to eliminate them all. Our technicians use eco-safe treatments to eradicate ant colonies without affecting other animals that pass through your property in Arlington.

Arlington’s Ultimate Ant Control

Ants give many of us the creeps, and having them swarm inside your home can be a real nightmare. Reach out to Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most trusted ant control services in the Arlington area!

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