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Bats can be helpful in rural and farming areas, eating insects and bugs.

If a group of bats collects in an enclosed space of your home like your roof, bat droppings collected could cause breathing issues. The problem begins when dried bat guano is disturbed and “bat guano dust” is created in an attic. 

Avoid risk of Rabies from Bats

Harmful Characteristics Of Bats

Bats can be helpful, yes, but they do carry several dangers as well. If a group of bats collect in an enclosed space of your home like your roof, all the bat droppings collected could cause breathing issues to anyone close enough to inhale the guano dust. Bats are also vectors for the rabies disease. As with other rodents, bats can transmit rabies through biting and scratching. Rabies is very dangerous to humans and other animals.

Although most smaller animals carrying the disease die from rabies before they can transmit it, there are still many cases where it can. Besides dangerous, rabies can be fatal if not treated by a medical professional quickly. If you do happen to get bitten by a bat, wash the area immediately with soap and warm water, then seek medical help as soon as possible. Don’t take any chances when it comes to rabies.

How To Get Rid Of Bats In Home

Removing bats from your home or from around your house should not be something that you try to handle yourself. As a bat’s bite can be extremely dangerous, it would be smart to contact professionals to remove the bats from the area.

There is no reason to put your or your family’s health or lives at risk. You can call animal control or contact professionals like Pest Proof Pest Management to take care of your bat issue. We have all the proper tools and specialize in the handling and removal of bats.

We use every natural approach to remove bats without causing harm to the living creatures. Please do not try to take care of a bat issue on your own. Take that extra step and hire a professional.

General Information About Bats

Bats are the only flying mammal. Bats have digits on their winged limbs making them more maneuverable than birds. Bats are vital to their ecosystems by pollinating and spreading seeds. Bat droppings, also known as guano, are used by humans as fertilizer. They also help humans by eating other insects. A bat’s diet consists of fruits as well. There are certain species called vampire bats that feed off of blood and small animals. Bats can inhabit most any environment, except for those that are extremely cold. Most bats are nocturnal and usually live in the depths of caves. When bats are not flying, they are roosting on the ceilings of caves or in tree branches.

Bats use ultrasonic sound to communicate with other bats and to help maneuver through their environment. Bats have excellent vision, and also have sensors in their ears that help them see as well. This high sound emission is very intricate. A bat’s echo helps locate food. They emit an ultrasonic sound and compare the returned sound to detail the bat’s surroundings. Bat calls are the loudest airborne animals sound. Bat’s ears are sensitive to moth’s wings. A bat’s echolocation is very important to a bat as it is its primary way of knowing where it’s going and what is around it.

Some bats lead solitary lives while others live in a social structure. The more bats, the less chance there is of being attacked by a predator. Bats’ bonds strengthen by grooming each other, sharing food and protecting each other. Some bats can stay in long term relationships. A bats lifespan is much longer compared to other animals and have been known to live up to 20 years. Although bats can be helpful to humans and their environments, they are still dangerous as well, critical in the sense that they carry diseases.

How To Identify Bats In Manasass VA

Bats vary in size and color depending on the species. The smallest bats have a wingspan of 5 inches, and the largest bats have a wingspan of up to 3 feet. Bats are typically black or brown, but their fur can be white, gray, brown or red. They have a double-layered membrane that is attached to their limbs and bodies which create the wings. The wings are hairless and look almost leathery. At the end of their limbs, they have four fingers.

Bats have pointed ears and short snouts. Bats tend to come out at night to feed, and they can eat several hundred bugs rather quickly and may not bother any other animals or humans in their area. You can usually detect them by their particular echo call. Need help finding out if you have bats in your area, feel free to give us a call.

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