groundhog control

An adult groundhog is an herbivore with an immense appetite, eating 1-1 ½ pound of vegetation a day. As a groundhog prepares for hibernation by consuming even more food, there may be considerable damage to backyard gardens and farm areas.

A groundhog burrow is a marvel of animal engineering. These underground homes run two to four feet beneath the surface and range from eight feet to more than 60 feet long, with multiple exits and rooms. A burrow is usually equipped with two or three entrances, each of which is 10”-12” wide and marked by excavated soil. Groundhogs even build separate chambers in their burrows to serve as bathrooms. All of this means that a single burrow may have an extensive footprint.

Although very uncommon, it’s possible for groundhogs to carry rabies and then bite a human. 

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