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Manassas VA Professional Wildlife Control & Trapping Services

Rely on the pros at Pest Proof Pest Management for high quality and reliable wildlife removal services in Manassas & Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas.

If you’ve come face-to-face with a raccoon or a bat in your Manassas or Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas home, turn to Pest Proof Pest Management for wildlife control services. We’ll use a catch-and-release method to safely return the animal offender to its natural habitat.

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How To Make Your Home Secure From Wildlife

You can count on us for prompt wildlife removal services, but if you want to keep animals from entering your home in the first place, consider:

  • Covering your outdoor garbage cans and removing litter from your yard.
  • Making sure the exhaust fan in your attic is properly installed and covered.
  • Keeping your flue closed when not in use and fitting your chimney with a screen.
  • Trimming tree branches so they can’t form a bridge into your home.
  • Sealing up even the smallest gaps in your walls, floors or foundation.

Professional Solutions for Nuisance Wildlife Problems

The Manassas area is home to many different species of wildlife, any of which can become a nuisance if they begin living in your home or yard. Wild animals are commonly attracted to our properties by easily accessible food, often scavenging from bird feeders, pet food containers and garbage cans. Sooner or later, wildlife may decide to invade your home in search of a sheltered place to make a den. Common wildlife species known to become a nuisance for local homeowners include squirrels, raccoons, bats, and skunks.

The problems that wildlife can cause are numerous and varied. Most wildlife species are capable of causing extensive damage to your property by biting and clawing at siding, roofing, insulation, wiring, and other vulnerable materials. Wild animals can also carry many different diseases, which may be spread to people or pets if you are bitten or handle their waste. While wildlife are generally shy of people, they can prove quite territorial if they come to view your home as their home, especially if they are raising babies.

If you’ve discovered nuisance wildlife living in or near your home, your best option is always to seek help from a licensed and insured wildlife removal company in the Manassas area. At Pest Proof, our professional wildlife control technicians can safely and humanely remove intruding wildlife from your home to prevent them from causing further harm. We can also animal-proof your home to make it more impervious to wildlife infestations in the future.

We offer wildlife removal solutions in Manassas for the following species:

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