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Rely on the pros at Pest Proof Pest Management for high quality and reliable wildlife removal services in Manassas & Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas.

If you’ve come face-to-face with a raccoon or a bat in your Manassas or Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas home, turn to Pest Proof Pest Management for wildlife control services. We’ll use a catch-and-release method to safely return the animal offender to its natural habitat.

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how can you make your home more secure?

You can count on us for prompt wildlife removal services, but if you want to keep animals from entering your home in the first place, consider:

  • Covering your outdoor garbage cans and removing litter from your yard.
  • Making sure the exhaust fan in your attic is properly installed and covered.
  • Keeping your flue closed when not in use and fitting your chimney with a screen.
  • Trimming tree branches so they can’t form a bridge into your home.
  • Sealing up even the smallest gaps in your walls, floors or foundation.

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To take advantage of our top-notch wildlife removal services and get rid of animal intruders in the Manassas, VA area, call (703) 853-1904 now! Our team will provide you with expert wildlife control services in the Manassas, Woodbridge VA and the surrounding areas.

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