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Are you struggling with an ant problem in Bristow?

Ants are troublemakers in Bristow, where many species are known to thrive. Ants are also amazingly intelligent, organized and persistent, none of which is good news when they target our homes. Amongst the worst in the area are carpenter ants, fire ants, little black ants and odorous house ants. Some are invasive wood-boring pests, like carpenter ants, that will infest and damage your home’s wooden structures. Other species, like odorous house ants, will tirelessly raid and contaminate your food supplies.

Many ants, such as fire ants, have an excruciatingly painful bite. But even when they don’t bite, all ants spread diseases like E. coli and Salmonella. In the end, it doesn’t matter if these little insects are taking a bite out of you, your wooden structures or your cookies. If you’ve got ants in or near your home in Bristow, the smartest thing to do is contact an ant control professional for help.

Professional Ant Control

Pest Proof Pest Management is the most trusted ant control company in Bristow. We’re your local experts with the skills, tools and experience you can rely on to handle your ant issue swiftly and effectively. Our technicians will inspect your property, locate the ants and their nests, and devise a customized plan of action to exterminate them. We use baits, sprays, gels and other proven techniques to achieve success.

Pest Proof also provides follow-up treatments as needed and we offer extended maintenance services and top-notch preventative programs, too. Whatever ant control services you need, we’re here for you.

The Best Ant Control in Virginia

Don’t waste your time and money on DIY ant control products that just don’t work. Get in touch with Pest Proof Pest Management today for the greatest ant control services in the Bristow area!

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