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You’ve probably already seen ants around your home in Haymarket but if you suddenly notice a large number inside, you’ve got a problem. If ants like the food they find in your kitchen or your garbage cans, hordes of them will begin invading your house to look for more. This is very unsanitary, and some ants can cause other trouble. Fire ants may become aggressive and attack with venomous stings, and carpenter ants will chew through your wooden structures.

A can of bug repellent might keep a few ants at bay but you’ll need something more serious to stop a whole colony. If you want to get rid of all of the ants that have invaded your home in Haymarket, hire a professional ant control company.

Superior Ant Control

If your house in Haymarket is crawling with ants, Pest Proof Pest Management will conduct an inspection to determine your ant species, the size of their colony and the location of their nest. Based on what we learn, we’ll implement customized control tactics to exterminate all of the ants.

Failing to kill off the whole ant colony on your property in Haymarket may lead to the ants dividing into sub-colonies and multiplying. That’s why our experts thoroughly apply our eco-friendly treatments to eliminate the entire colony without harming any other wildlife.

The Premier Ant Control in Haymarket

If you see ten ants inside your house today, expect a hundred to turn up tomorrow. Call Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most reliable ant control services in the Haymarket area!

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