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Bat Control in Alexandria, VA

Are you seeking to get rid of bats in your home in Alexandria?

Bats are common around Alexandria and you may see them around dawn and dusk, hunting for bugs. While bats help to control mosquito populations, they can become a nuisance if they decide to start living in your attic. Roosting bats will soon create a pile of guano, which can cause severe damage and lead to breathing problems for your family.

Do-it-yourself bat removal is ill-advised, since bats often carry rabies and can spread it by biting. Don’t put yourself at risk; hire a local bat control company in Alexandria to remove the bats from your home.

Professional Bat Removal

Pest Proof Pest Management is your best choice for bat removal and prevention services in Alexandria. Our technicians always begin by performing a thorough inspection to learn how the bats got in and where they’re living in your home. Then, we’ll employ the most humane and reliable tactics to get the bats out of your attic before they cause further issues.

Following bat removal, our team will bat-proof the exterior of your home in Alexandria to close off all possible bat entry holes. We’ll also remediate damage to your attic by disposing of guano, disinfecting, and replacing damaged insulation.

The #1 Bat Control Company in Alexandria

Don’t let bats roost in your attic and pose a safety risk to your family. Connect with Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most reliable bat control services in the Alexandria area!

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