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Bat Control in Haymarket, VA

Are you looking for bat control services in Haymarket?

Many people are scared of bats but, in their natural habitat, they’re generally harmless. However, bats can be quite harmful if they begin to live inside your home in Haymarket. When bats take roost in attics, their guano can cause serious property damage and spread respiratory illness to your household.

Handling bats is dangerous since they often carry rabies and are likely to bite if startled. Rather than putting yourself in danger, get the help you need from a licensed bat control company in Haymarket to evict your unwanted guests.

Top-Tier Bat Removal

At Pest Proof Pest Management, our insured professionals know the safest techniques to remove bats from your home in Haymarket. Our first step is to conduct a home inspection, allowing us to size up your bat problem and identify their entry points to your attic. Using humane but effective methods, we’ll get rid of all the bats on your property.

Bat removal is just the first step; next, we’ll perform bat prevention services so that they’ll be unable to infest your home in Haymarket in the future. Our technicians will also thoroughly clean and sanitize your attic, taking special care to remove and replace soiled insulation.

The Most Trusted Bat Control Company in Haymarket

Are you concerned about a colony of bats living in your attic? Get in touch with Pest Proof Pest Management today to schedule bat control services for your home in the Haymarket area!

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