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Bat Control in West Springfield, VA

Are you looking for professional bat control for your home in West Springfield? 

Bats are known for creating foul odors and contamination due to guano accumulation and they can cause structural damage and health hazards, including rabies. If your home is struggling with a bat infestation, we recommend having them removed professionally. Our wildlife control company specializes in providing a comprehensive solution to bat problems in West Springfield.

Expert Bat Removal Services

Pest Proof Pest Management addresses bat control issues promptly and efficiently for all our clients in West Springfield. Our wildlife removal technicians use humane methods to capture and remove bats from your property. Once we have removed all the bats from your home, our skilled technicians will repair any damages to restore the integrity of your attic.

We will meticulously inspect your property to identify and seal potential entry points. We’ll remove contaminated insulation, replace it with clean material, and ensure a healthier and more secure living space. Our attic re-insulation services in West Springfield can improve your home’s energy efficiency. We can also decontaminate your attic to minimize the risk of health hazards spread by bats, such as histoplasmosis and bat mites.

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The Leading Bat Control Company in West Springfield

Our expertise in handling bat infestations ensures a smooth and effective removal process, allowing you to reclaim your home from these unwanted guests. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today so that we can take care of your bat control needs in the West Springfield area!

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