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Do you require pest control services in Bristow?

There are many types of pests that can menace homes in Bristow. Bites from bed bugs and fleas can cause severe skin irritation. Bloodsucking by ticks and mosquitoes may cause you to contract diseases. Stings and bites from spiders and wasps may be dangerously venomous. Bacteria is spread by cockroaches raiding your pantries. The structural foundations of your home may be weakened to the point of collapse by carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. 

Using insecticidal sprays purchased at a store or DIY methods found on the Internet probably won’t yield great results when it comes to major pest invasions. For complete elimination and prevention from your Bristow home, bring in a licensed pest control company.

Elite Pest Control

Pest Proof Pest Management provides eco-friendly pest control treatments for houses in Bristow. Our ecologically secure pest treatments will never sicken your family and pets or harm nearby wildlife.

We have four different pest prevention plans which you can apply for, all of which will provide monthly pest maintenance services from our skilled crew. The base-option Bronze Package will protect your home from most pest species, though you’ll need to upgrade to our Silver Package for mosquito, flea and tick services. Both our Gold and Platinum Packages include inspections and treatments for termites. The Platinum Package provides a larger discount on wildlife removal and home repair services.

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Never let an infestation by pests make you feel unsafe in your own home. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today for expert pest control services in the Bristow area!

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