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Professional Carpenter Bee Removal

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Most bees, including carpenter bees, are beneficial pollinators. However, carpenter bees are also destructive. They do not live in colonies, unlike most other bee species in Haymarket. Carpenter bee females bore into wood to nest and lay eggs. They also attract other females to the structure because they release pheromones so, despite being solitary, they will share their territory with other females.

If you’ve noticed one or more round holes in wood about ½” in diameter, that’s a sign that carpenter bees are at work. Plus, that little hole is just the tip of the iceberg; they often lead to a long series of intricate tunnels. When they’ve done that to your home, that’s serious damage. Carpenter bees are one pest you never want on your property. To be rid of them, your best bet is to enlist the help of a licensed carpenter bee control expert.

#1 Carpenter Bee Removal

When carpenter bees go to work on your home in Haymarket, Pest Proof Pest Management goes to work to stop them. No one has more experience dealing with these problematic pests than our reliable team of professionals. We’ll locate the nesting holes, remove the carpenter bees, and implement deterrents to ward off future infestations. We also provide top-notch repairs, maintenance, and prevention programs. Whatever you require, we’ll customize a treatment to resolve your issue, protect your home and restore your peace of mind.

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Don’t let carpenter bees turn your wood into a crumbling, hazardous eyesore. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most effective carpenter bee removal services in the Haymarket area!

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