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There are many nuisance insects in The Plains that can infest your home. Carpenter ants and termites will hollow out your wood, putting your house at risk of collapse. Bed bugs and fleas will suck your blood, causing unbearable itchiness and rashes. Mosquitoes and ticks will also drink your blood and may spread diseases by doing so. Spiders and wasps have venomous bites and stings which can cause great pain. Cockroaches will spread pathogens and allergens to your home as they raid your kitchen.

If you have a pest problem in your house in The Plains, don’t waste time trying to get rid of them by yourself. Call a licensed pest control company to put an end to your infestation.

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Pest Proof Pest Management uses environmentally friendly pest control and treatment methods to eliminate pests from homes in The Plains. You can rest assured that our applications won’t cause any harm to your family or the local ecosystem.

If you apply for one of our convenient pest prevention plans, our pest control pros will visit your house every month to address any potential pest threats. If you’re just worried about normal pest species, stick with our Bronze Package. For mosquito and tick treatments, upgrade to our Silver Package. Our Gold Package adds termite inspection and control to our services, and our Platinum Package comes with a guarantee that we will schedule re-treatments within 48 hours.

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No one wants to live in a house that’s been infested by pests. Call up Pest Proof Pest Management today for the greatest pest control services in the Plains area!

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