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Effective Squirrel Removal Services

Are you seeking squirrel removal services in Franconia?

Squirrels are a common site on decks and in backyards around Franconia, but it becomes a problem when they decide to move into houses. After infiltrating your attic, squirrels will chew and tear at insulation and wiring, which has been known to start fires. While they’re at it, squirrels will defecate and urinate all over the place, and the smell will soon permeate the rest of your house.

Many parasites, like ticks, and diseases, like leptospirosis, are carried by squirrels. If you try to remove squirrels from your home in Franconia by yourself, you may be bitten or scratched, which places you at risk of contracting rabies. If you want to get squirrels out of your attic and keep them out, let the squirrel control professionals lend a hand.

Reliable Squirrel Removal

If you think there are squirrels living in the attic of your house in Franconia, Pest Proof Pest Management will inspect your property to determine the number of squirrels inside, their points of entry and their nesting locations. With this information, our technicians will use carefully placed traps to capture and remove every squirrel as quickly as we can.

Once the squirrels have been removed, our team will bar them from your premises by using exclusion sealants and barriers to close off openings on the outside of your home in Franconia. We’ll also remediate damage that the squirrels have caused to your attic, replace insulation that has been destroyed and clean up feces, urine and nesting materials left by your unwanted guests.

Franconia’s Top-Tier Squirrel Control Company

Nothing will drive you nuts more quickly than having a scurry of squirrels in your attic. Get in contact with Pest Proof Pest Management today for superior squirrel removal services in the Franconia area!

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