Squirrel Removal in Gainesville, VA

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Squirrel Removal in Gainesville, VA

Are you looking for help to get rid of squirrels in Gainesville?

Many homeowners in Gainesville contend with the frustration of squirrels raiding bird feeders, but it’s much worse if they invade your home. Within your attic and walls, squirrels will relentlessly gnaw on everything from wood to wires to insulation, causing widespread damage. Another issue with squirrel infestations is that they’ll freely urinate and defecate throughout your home, potentially spreading harmful bacteria.

DIY squirrel removal is often unsuccessful and may even result in further damage or injury to you if squirrels decide to fight back. Your safest and smartest choice is to contact a licensed squirrel control company in Gainesville to handle the problem.


Thorough Squirrel Removal Solutions

At Pest Proof Pest Management, our technicians are trained on all steps of squirrel removal and prevention in Gainesville. We begin our process with a thorough home inspection to learn how squirrels got in and how far spread the infestation is. Next, our professionals will use techniques such as baiting and trapping to remove all squirrels from your home quickly and humanely.

After the current squirrel problem has been solved, our experts will use prevention barriers to keep squirrels from invading your home again in the future. We also provide attic cleanup and restoration services in Gainesville to replace soiled attic insulation and disinfect areas where squirrels were living.


Gainesville’s Greatest Squirrel Control Company

Living with squirrels in the house is a recipe for disaster. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most reliable squirrel removal services in the Gainesville area!

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