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Squirrel Removal Services

Are you looking for squirrel removal services in West Springfield?

Squirrels are a common site in neighborhoods in West Springfield, and it’s fairly common for them to invade houses. Inside your attic, squirrels will gnaw away at insulation and electrical wiring, which could result in a fire. Additionally, squirrels will scatter droppings and urine throughout your home, leading to a terrible stench.

There are many diseases, such as leptospirosis, and parasites, such as roundworms, that squirrels may bring into your home. You should not try to evict squirrels from your house in West Springfield on your own, since they will bite if threatened and might transmit rabies. For thorough squirrel removal, bring in your local squirrel control experts.

Professional Squirrel Removal

If squirrels have infested your house in West Springfield, Pest Proof Pest Management will conduct an inspection to learn the squirrels’ numbers, entry points and nesting areas. Our specialists will proceed to lay traps around your home so that the squirrels can be safely captured and removed to nature.

Once all the squirrels are gone, our team will exclude them from coming back using screens, covers and sealants to bar all access points around your house in West Springfield. We’ll then remediate damage to your attic caused by squirrels, including removing and replacing contaminated insulation and cleaning up all squirrel feces and nests.

The Top Squirrel Control Company in West Springfield

If squirrels invade your attic, it’s only a matter of time before they cause major damage or make you sick. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today for the finest squirrel removal services in the West Springfield area!

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