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Professional Wasp Control Services 

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Wasps are stinging insects with a nasty disposition, and they can become a real menace if they decide to build a nest in or near your home in Bristow. Wasps most commonly build nests off of soffits but they may also nest inside your attic, garage or shed.

When they feel threatened, wasps will swarm and attack with venomous stings. Though wasp venom usually only causes temporary pain, those with an allergic reaction may suffer life-threatening anaphylactic shock. To have a wasp infestation safely eliminated from your home in Bristow, contact your local wasp control professionals.

Adept Wasp Control

If you’ve been having a problem with wasps near your home in Bristow, Pest Proof Pest Management will perform an inspection to locate all wasp nests on your property. Our technicians will apply treatments to eliminate the wasps and then we’ll remove their nests. You can rest assured that the wasp treatments we use are environmentally safe and won’t harm helpful bees or other local species.

The Top Wasp Control in Bristow

Wasps are distinctly unfriendly pests that you never want to share your living space with. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most reliable wasp control services in the Bristow area!

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