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Marshall Wasp Control 

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With venomous stings and vitriolic personalities to match, wasps can become a terror if they start living near your house in Marshall. Soffits present the easiest spot for wasps to build a nest but don’t be surprised if one pops up in your attic, garage or shed.

Unlike bees, wasps will sting you multiple times if you disturb them, often attacking in swarms. While wasp venom usually doesn’t do lasting damage, some people may experience a severe allergic reaction which necessitates immediate hospitalization. To permanently rid your home in Marshall of wasps without being attacked, get help from your local wasp control professionals.

Premium Wasp Control

If you’ve seen multiple wasps swarming around your home in Marshall, Pest Proof Pest Management will inspect your property to determine the location of every wasp nest. Our experts will apply treatments directly to the nests to kill all of the wasps before safely removing the nests from your home. Unlike many of our competitors, we use eco-safe pest treatments that won’t have a detrimental effect on the local wildlife.

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Don’t let wasps make you afraid to use your own yard. Give Pest Proof Pest Management a call today for the ultimate wasp control services in the Marshall area!

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