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Having a few ants crawl through your home in Alexandria is nothing to worry about but if they suddenly multiply, that’s a problem. If an ant colony begins to rely on raiding your cupboards, sink or trash cans for food, hordes of them may begin swarming through your house on a daily basis. This can make your kitchen unsanitary, and some ants cause much more trouble than that. Fire ants will deliver venomous stings if they perceive you as a threat, while carpenter ants will eat their way into your wood.

You can buy sprays and traps to eliminate a few scavenging ants but you’ll need to do a lot better to stop an invading colony. The best way to eliminate an ant colony that has infested your home in Alexandria is to let a professional ant control company take the job.

A1 Ant Control

If your home in Alexandria has an ant infestation, Pest Proof Pest Management will inspect your property to identify the ants’ species, colony size and nest location. Given these findings, we’ll adapt our ant control tactics to thoroughly exterminate the pests.

100% effective ant colony elimination is necessary to keep the ants from invading your house in Alexandria again. Our experts make applications of environmentally-safe treatments that kill only ants and don’t harm the rest of the wildlife around your property.

Alexandria’s Top Ant Control

Who wants to live in a house that’s overrun with ants? Get in touch with Pest Proof Pest Management today for top-tier ant control services in the Alexandria area!

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