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Gainesville Ant Control

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Ants can be found all over Gainesville, and it’s likely you’ve already seen their nests in your yard. If those ants venture into your home and find food they like, soon you might have a whole colony of ants swarming inside your house. This is annoying and unsanitary, and some ant species pose additional threats. Aggressive fire ants possess a sting that many are allergic to and carpenter ants can cause widespread destruction to anything made of wood.

DIY methods and rudimentary ant sprays might be sufficient to kill a few ants but a whole colony will be much harder to get rid of. The only way to eradicate the entire ant colony that has been menacing your home in Gainesville is to employ a professional ant control company.

Exemplary Ant Control

If you’re sick of ants invading your house in Gainesville, Pest Proof Pest Management will inspect your premises to see what ant species we’re dealing with, size up their numbers and find their nests. After collecting this data, our experts will customize a control strategy to eliminate the colony.

Incomplete ant extermination efforts can exacerbate your problem by causing the ant colony to divide into several different breeding colonies, increasing their numbers. Our team works with eco-safe treatments which we apply effectively to ensure that all of your problem ants are exterminated but no other animals are harmed.

Gainesville’s Greatest Ant Control

There’s not much more revolting than walking into your kitchen to the sight of lines of ants raiding your pantries. Call up Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most efficient ant control services in the Gainesville area!

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