As parents to kids and our pets, we go to great lengths to ensure their health and safety. Healthy diets – check. Pet-proof and child-proof home – check. Sometimes we can overlook the greatest dangers right in front of us, pest control!

We don’t want to experience an infestation or constant harassment from bugs and pests, but sometimes the DIY pest control can lead to poisonous liquids being sprayed where your children and pets play.

So when it comes to pest control, it stands to reason that safety is top of mind for many. Pest Proof Pest Management shares the same concerns. We have families and pets, we live and work in the same neighborhoods we serve. We also understand, as pest experts, that letting pest issues go unchecked can become a health and safety risk as well. We are frequently asked “Is pest control safe for my family and pets?”, and we understand all too well the concern behind that question.

Pest Proof Pest Management ensures safe pest control with the following efforts.

Licensed and Professional Technicians

The Pest Proof Pest Management technicians have been trained and continue to be trained on the best practices for safe pest control. In addition to ensuring the correct concentrations and formulas are used, our technicians systematically look for the best locations to effectively treat the pest infestation.

Pest Control: Practice Prevention First

The first step in prevention is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The best way to control pests is to make your home unappealing to them. Just like us, pests need water, food, and shelter to survive, and if they can’t find these in your home, it’s likely they’ll go elsewhere.

Take these steps to discourage pests:

  • Pick up all food spills and crumbs right away.

  • Keep your counters, tables, sinks, and floors clean. Clean and dry dishes after having meals or snacks.

  • Clean under large kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves. Food debris can often collect in these spaces and attract pests.

  • Store food in containers with airtight lids or in the refrigerator. If food is stored in cardboard boxes, make sure the boxes are sealed. Cockroaches like cardboard and can get into opened boxes easily.

  • Keep your trash in a container with a tight lid and take out the trash often. Place outdoor trash bins as far from your house as possible.

  • Fix household leaks and clean up any excess moisture on counters or sinks right away. Cockroaches like water and can swim.

  • Cut tree limbs and foliage 3-5 feet away from your roofline

  • Cutback bushes and heavy foliage so there is a 1-2 foot gap between them and the foundation

  • Keep gutters clean and ensure that rainwater flows away from the home’s foundations

Pest Proof

Pest Proof Pest Management has professionally assisted many people in removing bed bug infestations. Pest Proof services the Manassas, VA and Alexandria, VA. Contact Pest Proof VA to have a professional assist you with removing bed bugs from your home.

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