Depending on your outlook, squirrels might be annoying nuisances that disrupt your bird-watching by raiding your feeders, or their backyard antics might be a source of daily amusement. But whether or not you enjoy squirrels outside, we guarantee that you’ll find nothing enjoyable about having them inside your home in Virginia.

Unfortunately, our attics and crawl spaces provide exactly the sort of dark, warm privacy that squirrels want to raise their young in. Continue reading to learn about all the problems that can arise if squirrels invade your home in Virginia.


Problems Caused by Squirrels in Homes

Squirrels are used to building their nests in trees, and this affinity for high places commonly causes them to invade the attics of Virginia homes. However, squirrels are opportunists who may also build a nest in your home’s crawl space or even inside of your walls. Squirrels often invade through existing holes around your house, such as an uncovered vent opening or a hole in your roof created by weather damage. However, if an easy entry point isn’t available, squirrels will use their powerful incisors to chew a hole in your siding or eaves in order to break in.

Once squirrels are inside your home, they’ll continue to be destructive. Like most rodents, squirrels’ incisors never stop growing, so they’re constantly gnawing on their surroundings to file down these big teeth. Inside attics, walls and crawl spaces, squirrels will gnaw on insulation, wood, drywall, PVC, sheet metal and electrical wiring. Squirrels chewing through wires is a particularly dangerous habit which results in many house fires in Virginia every year.

In addition to the damage they cause, squirrels are also a filthy presence inside a home. They’ll urinate and defecate freely in your attic or crawl space, which can spread diseases like tularemia and salmonella. Squirrels are also known to carry ticks and other parasites into homes in Virginia.

You’ll probably become aware of a squirrel infestation in your home in Virginia when you hear them skittering around in your attic or you start to smell unusual odors. But even once you know they’re there, getting rid of squirrels is no easy task! These crafty critters are quick, nimble and will evade most conventional traps. They’re also known to attack if cornered. The quickest, safest way to get squirrels out of your home is to hire a local wildlife removal company.


Your Best Option to End Squirrel Issues

Pest Proof Pest Management provides Virginia homeowners with humane but effective wildlife trapping and removal services. Give us a call today if you’d like to have a family of squirrels removed from your home!

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