Spiders may not cause structural damage to your home or spread diseases as other pests do. They can be annoying and even dangerous. Certain spider bites are venomous and can cause severe reactions for you, your children, and your pets.

If your household is like mine, you may hear screams reverberating through the household when some of your family members come in contact with a spider. Spiders play an important role in the ecosystem, eating other bugs and pests. If they are not out of control, spiders can assist you in your general pest control efforts.

Having said that, many people may not realize the number of dangerous spiders co-habiting their homes. Here are some everyday tips to control the spiders in your home.

Clean and organize your basement

Your basement is the perfect hiding place for the most common house spiders over the colder seasons. Spiders would prefer to remain outside where access to food is bountiful, they will make their way inside for protection or to hide their eggs.

To hide the eggs, spiders like cool, dark areas, and feel most at home in places that contain dust and clutter. Since other insects are also fond of basements, spiders can find an abundant food supply. Organize and clean your basement regularly to avoid spiders becoming too comfortable.

Keep Spiders Outside

An effective way to prevent spiders from scaring your family in your home is to make sure you don’t have an environment around your house that attracts them. In the outdoors, spiders make their homes outside in plants, piles of leaves or wood, or dark undisturbed places. Speak to your pest control company near you to get their feedback on how to organize the shrubs, trees, and outdoor furniture to deter spiders from getting too close to your home.

Pest proof pest management starts by identifying and sealing possible entry points. To keep spiders out, look for openings like holes or cracks in caulk, and make sure doors and windows close tightly without any gaps.

Prepare for Spider Season

In general, spider season is actually fairly short and takes place through the fall season. At this time of year, many spider species are mating. 80% of the spiders that we encounter are male spiders actively seeking mates. Spiders are very active during this time coming out from their cozy, dark areas of the home.

The best thing you can do prior to this season is have Pest Proof Pest Management come and assist you in preventing the movement and migration of the spiders. Be more vigilant about keeping your house clean and vacuuming often. Clean in the corners, crevices, and basement.

Cleaning the outside of your home is just as important. Clean and check places outside such as outdoor lights, windowsills, woodpiles, and all entry points.

Pest Proof

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