All pests and wildlife enter our backyards and homes for one reason only, they are seeking food and a warm safe hiding spot. Wildlife is incredibly afraid of us humans, and in fact, any interaction is based on their fear and attempt to protect themselves.

Having said that the wildlife is only seeking somewhere to rest and feed themselves, they can cause quite a nuisance. Pest Proof Pest Management can assist you in humanely removing a wild raccoon, but what can you do to reduce the chance of an unwanted visitor.

Reduce access points to your home

Raccoons are not looking to bother you, they are just looking for a warm safe place to hide from the elements. They want to stay warm and safe from predators. If a raccoon should find a hole in your house siding or space under a deck, they will most likely make themselves at home.

A professional pest removal company like Pest Proof Pest Management not only works to remove pests and wildlife that are bothering you, but they assist to prevent your home from becoming the latest habitation for wildlife.

Remove access to food

Raccoons may not have the picky eating habits of your kids. They will be happy to pick through your trash for scraps or nibble on your dog’s food outside. Discourage the raccoons by making your garbage can inaccessible. Lock it up or take it inside at night, and keep it sealed when it has to be out. Weigh down the lid with cylinder blocks or other heavy objects.

Beware of the bird feeder

While you are trying to attract wild birds to your yard, you will also be attracting other animals. Squirrels and raccoons love to eat the seeds and treats that we put out for the birds. Keep your bird food away from platforms and bowls, and get the thinnest metal stand to hold up the feeder.

Pest Proof

Pest Proof Pest Management has professionally assisted many people in removing bed bugs and other pest infestations. Servicing the Manassas, VA and Alexandria, VA. Contact Pest Proof VA to have a professional assist you with removing pests from your home.

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