Virginia has 17 species of bats. Thanks to their appetite for insects, including mosquitoes, these flying mammals are beneficial in most places. However, bats are nocturnal and seek dark, protected places to nest and remain during the daytime. Though they often gravitate to caves, the undersides of bridges, and other dark areas, they can sometimes take up residence under your eaves or in your attic.

More worrisome for homeowners are instances where bats find gaps in roofs, walls, or chimneys and take up residence in garages, attics, or barns.


Challenges of Bat Removal in Northern Virginia

Big brown bats, evening bats, and eastern red bats are common in northern Virginia, and you might find other species, as well.

Removal can be challenging. These bats are protected non-game species, so they can be removed if they cause a nuisance or health hazards. However, some bats have federal or state protection as endangered or threatened species. A pest control expert can ensure you deal with an infestation lawfully.

Bats may have young in their nesting area. If you wait until they leave and then plug a hole in your garage, barn, or attic, you may trap the young bats inside, where they could die and decay unnoticed.

Finally, bats can carry diseases. Cleaning may be a challenge. Not only are bat droppings unsightly, but they can contain fungi and bacteria that cause health problems.


How to Prevent Bats in Northern Virginia

The first step to prevent bats from nesting in or around your home is to make the area unattractive to them.

Bats prefer darkness, so you can add lights under your eaves to keep them from nesting there. The same strategy could help you avoid issues in barns or garages.

Secondly, you can consistently check for gaps in the roof or siding, ensure the chimney and vents are secure, and look for broken windows.


When to Hire Pest Control in Manassas for Bat Removal

Pest Control companies like Pest Proof can humanly remove bats from your eaves or attic and provide advice to help you avoid the issue in the future. Our experts can locate access points in the attic or vents and make improvements so that bats cannot enter. We also assist with cleanup to safely remove guano to eliminate potential health concerns.

Reach out to Pest Proof today to learn more about how we can eliminate your bat problem and ensure the winged mammals never return to your eaves and attic.

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