If you’ve had trouble with pests recently, you’re not alone. Every year, people all over Virginia struggle with pest infestations in their homes. From ants raiding your kitchen to roaches holing up in your bathroom to spiders making webs in your bedroom, household pest issues are never pleasant to deal with. To keep your home pest-free so you never have to worry about pest problems again, check out these helpful tips.


Top 3 Pest Prevention Tips

  1. Don’t Feed Them – Easy access to food is one of the main factors that attracts ants, cockroaches and other pests into Virginia homes. Many pest infestations begin in the kitchen as pests come to rely on leftover crumbs from your meals as a readily available food supply. To make matters worse, predatory pests like spiders may then also invade your home to hunt the other pests living within. Clean your kitchen regularly and store all leftover food in tightly-lidded containers to keep it from being targeted by pests. It’s also always a good idea to empty your garbage regularly so that pests don’t start to forage in it.
  2. Dispose of Clutter – Most pests like to live in dark, secluded places. Pest infestations in Virginia usually start in areas of the home that are rarely, if ever, cleaned and where junk is often piled. Such areas often include the attic, garage, and basement or crawl space. Try to prevent clutter from piling up in these areas so that pests don’t have a convenient place to hide. Wood piles are another popular living area for pests that commonly attract termites to a home. Prevent this from happening by storing wood piles away from your home exterior instead of inside the garage or right up against the wall.
  3. Hire the Professionals – The most effective means of pest prevention is to hire a professional pest control company in Virginia to perform regular services for your home. Licensed pest control technicians can inspect your home to identify any signs of pest activity and take the best course of action to eliminate them. They can also provide various prevention solutions to reliably keep pests out, which can include installing pest-proof barriers around doors and windows, sealing holes in your siding or foundation, and placing bait stations in your yard.


The #1 Pest Control Company in Virginia

Working with a professional pest control company will allow you to maintain a pest-free home year round. Give Pest Proof Pest Management a call today if you need to schedule pest control services for your home in Virginia!

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