There’s not much that can ruin a fun time in your backyard faster than a bunch of angry insects buzzing around your head and stinging you. Unfortunately, bees, wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are all common outdoor pests for homeowners in Virginia. They like to build their nests under porches and eaves, and they’ll attack you if you come too close to what they consider their territory.

Nobody wants to share their backyard with stinging insects but how do you keep them away? Follow these tips to enjoy your backyard free of bees and wasps.

4 Tips to Keep Bees & Wasps Out of Your Yard

  1. Don’t Leave Leftovers – If you have a barbeque or a picnic in the backyard of your Virginia home, don’t leave leftovers outside for wasps to find. That includes apple cores and PBJ sandwich crusts. Anything sweet can attract stinging insects to your backyard and this makes them more likely to settle down and build a nest. While bees and wasps may nest in any yard, avoiding attractants mitigates the risk of your property being infested.
  2. Spray Peppermint Oil – There are several scents that are pleasant to us but unbearable to wasps, and peppermint is the most notable. Try mixing peppermint oil with water and then spray the solution over any areas where wasps are likely to nest, such as your roof’s eaves and the underside of your porch. Remember, preventing wasps from nesting is a lot easier than getting rid of them once they’re established.
  3. Place Traps – If you’ve been having issues with wasps or hornets in your backyard, try placing wasp traps around your home in Virginia. You can purchase wasp traps at a store or online and you can also try making DIY wasp traps using plastic bottles. Hang these traps from tree branches and ledges around your home perimeter to eliminate some of the stinging insects on your property. Just don’t waste your money on imitation wasp nests, which are ineffective at deterring real wasps from building real nests.
  4. Hire a Pest Control Company – DIY methods of stinging insect prevention can be effective but, unfortunately, they don’t always work. To give your backyard the best protection from wasps and hornets, you should work with a local pest control company in Virginia. Licensed and trained pest control experts will be able to effectively exterminate active wasp nests on your property and deter other stinging insects from building nests in your backyard.

Get Rid of Wasps & Bees Today

Are you ready to work with a reliable pest control company to protect your backyard from stinging insects? Call Pest Proof today if you want our help to keep wasps and bees away from your home in Virginia!

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