Many pests create a hassle for homeowners all over Virginia, but none are as persistent as rodents. Every year, rats and mice invade homes throughout the Manassas area and make themselves at home. In the process, they eat through wires and insulation, they soil your home with urine and feces, and they may even spread dangerous diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis. If you want to make sure that your home is rodent-proof so you’re not plagued by an infestation of rats or mice, follow these steps.


3 Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your House

  1. Shut & Seal Doors – An open door is a free invitation for rats and mice to come running into your house. But did you know that even a door which isn’t properly sealed makes an easy entryway for rodents? Rats and, especially, mice can squeeze through incredibly small spaces. If there’s a gap between your door and the floor, it won’t be difficult for rodents to crawl inside. To prevent rodents from getting into your home in Manassas, add fresh sealant to the doorframe and, if necessary, install a door sweep at the bottom to keep the pests outside.
  2. Hide Your Food – Mice and rats commonly invade Manassas homes in search of easy meals. They aren’t picky, either; rodents will eat everything from nuts to veggies to meat. They’re also happy to munch on pet food and garbage. If you leave food out on your table or aren’t quick to pick up spills, don’t be surprised if you find a mouse cleaning up for you. Make sure any open food is tightly sealed in a container. You should also securely cover garbage cans that are in your garage or outside of your home to rodent-proof them.
  3. Hire Professional Exclusion – Unfortunately, rodents can find ways into your home even if you seal your doors and secure your food. The best way to thoroughly rodent-proof your Manassas home is to hire a professional rodent control company for exclusion services. Rodent exclusion involves sealing all possible rodent entry points around your home. This includes cracks in the foundation or the siding, as well as uncovered vents or other openings. By cutting off these entry points, pest control technicians can make it very difficult for rats and mice to get inside.


Let the Pros Rodent-Proof Your Home

If you want to make sure your home is expertly fortified against rodent invaders, then it’s time to talk to the professionals. Give Pest Proof Pest Management a call today if you want rodent exclusion services for your home in the Manassas area!

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