Skunks might not be the most destructive wildlife in Virginia, but they’re certainly the stinkiest. If a skunk moves into your crawl space, beneath your bushes or under your porch, you’ll smell it long before you see it.

Skunks mate during February and March, after which they look for a sheltered den to raise their young. That’s why skunk problems in Virginia most often occur during late winter and early spring. Are you worried about a skunk invading your crawl space? Read on for some handy information about how to keep skunks away from your home and yard.


3 Ways to Prevent Skunk Infestations

  1. Install Barriers – Most deterrents aren’t particularly effective at repelling skunks but physical barriers can do the trick. One of the best ways to keep skunks away from your Virginia home is by “trench-screening” – a process that involves digging a trench out around your porch or crawl space, then installing metal mesh screens that go down at least 30 inches to prevent skunk intrusion. If that sounds like too big of a project for you to tackle, you should at least make sure that any possible openings into your crawl space are sealed.
  2. Remove Food & Shelter – Skunks are typically drawn to homes in Virginia by two basic needs: food and shelter. While raccoons are better known for raiding garbage cans, skunks will be just as happy to scavenge your trash if given the chance. Make sure that any outdoor garbage bins are securely stored and lidded to prevent this from happening. To deprive skunks of shelter, avoid leaving piles of firewood or other debris in your yard. Consider trimming back bushes near your house, too. Without easy meals and places to hide, skunks are much less likely to move onto your property.
  3. Professional Skunk Prevention – Any reputable professional wildlife control company in Virginia will have experience dealing with skunk infestations. Licensed wildlife control technicians will work with effective strategies and products to provide long-term skunk prevention solutions for your home. This can include installing barriers or deterrents to ward skunks away, habitat modification to make your property unappealing to skunks, and trapping services for skunks that are a nuisance in your yard.


Your Best Option for Skunk Control in VA

You shouldn’t have to worry about being sprayed by a skunk every time you go out into your yard. Get in touch with Pest Proof Pest Management today for the most reliable skunk prevention and removal services in the greater Manassas, VA area!

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