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Raccoon Removal in Springfield, VA

Does your home in Springfield need raccoon removal?

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that can be a nuisance in your attic. They are known to carry rabies, and if they feel threatened, they may even attack or bite you. If you have raccoons on your property in Springfield, it’s vital to hire a professional to remove them safely and effectively.

Reliable Raccoon Control

Raccoon removal services from Pest Proof Pest Management will clear your home in Springfield of these pests without causing any harm to people or pets. We use environmentally safe products and techniques that won’t cause any collateral damage, and our technicians will clean up the affected area before they leave so you don’t have to worry about any contamination left behind.

After Pest Proof wildlife control technicians remove raccoons from your attic, we’ll ensure that all entry points are shut so that nothing else can get into your home in Springfield. We also offer insulation services, so if raccoons have made a mess and destroyed your old insulation, we’ll clean it out and install new pest-proof insulation that will last for years.

Springfield’s Top Raccoon Removal Professionals

You have enough worries as a property owner, and we believe raccoons shouldn’t be one of them. Call Pest Proof Pest Management today for the best raccoon removal services in the Springfield area!

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