Ticks are tiny arachnids (spider relatives). Because they are so small, they can be hard to spot. However, they can cause big problems. Not only do ticks attach themselves to humans and pets and suck their blood, but some species carry dangerous diseases.

For example, Lyme disease is carried by deer ticks, one of the smallest and most challenging species to detect. If left untreated, this illness can be debilitating and have a lasting impact on your health.

The deer tick, American dog tick, and lone star tick are the most prevalent species in Northern Virginia. All three target both pets and people.

Is there any way to protect yourself from these potentially-dangerous bloodsuckers? A variety of preventative measures and personal protection practices can limit your exposure to ticks and lower the danger of a bite this summer.


Cut Brush and Grass Regularly

Ticks thrive in long grass and thick brush. If you keep your lawn short, trim bushes, and remove brush from your yard, you will limit tick habitats.

You do not have to remove all planted landscaping features from your property. You can consider keeping thick brush and plants away from areas where your children or pets play.


Clean Inside the Home

Ticks can cling to pet fur or clothing and fall off inside your house. You can deal with this issue by vacuuming regularly, keeping floors clean and clutter-free, and washing bedding and clothing regularly.

You should also wash your pets often during the summer months when ticks are most active.


Check Your Pets and Children (and Yourself)

Deer ticks can be as small as a poppy seed. They can attach themselves under your pet’s fur, in your hair, behind your ears, or on your back. They are impossible to see unless you are deliberately looking for them.

If you are outdoors, in brush or forest areas, or working around your yard, you should check yourself for ticks when you return inside. You can do the same for pets and children. By removing ticks before they bite, you can limit the dangers of contracting a disease.


Protect Yourself Outdoors

If you regularly encounter ticks in your yard, consider hiring a professional pest control service, like Pest Proof, to treat your property for ticks.

Our pest control professionals can use environmentally-friendly treatments that remove unwanted ticks without damaging your landscape or causing health issues for your pets or children.

If you are concerned about ticks, contact us to learn about the solutions we offer for eliminating these pests.

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