Many species of wildlife live in Virginia and a number of these species have adapted to live in close proximity to humans. Unfortunately, this leads to many pesky behaviors such as raiding garbage cans, ransacking gardens and, worst of all, moving into our homes. If you don’t like the idea of sharing your home with a family of wild animals, read through this guide on how to keep critters outside, where they belong.


Wildlife Control 101

The first thing you need to know about wildlife issues is which animals are the usual suspects. Some of the most common wildlife intruders in Virginia are:


Every species of wild animal brings its own problems into a household environment. Mice, rats and squirrels will incessantly gnaw on their surroundings, causing major damage to insulation, wood, drywall and wiring. While raccoons don’t exhibit this gnawing behavior, their large size allows them to be even more destructive, and they’re known to tear holes in roofs to get into attics. Bats and birds don’t tend to be as deliberately destructive, but their feces can be corrosive to whatever they land on.

Aside from the damage they cause, wild animals in Virginia can spread a number of diseases. All wildlife will freely urinate and defecate in your home, creating an unsanitary environment where diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis can spread. Bats, raccoons and skunks are all known carriers of rabies, a deadly virus that can be fatal for people and pets if they’re bitten.

Effective wildlife control can generally be broken down into two categories: removal and prevention. Wildlife removal involves getting rid of nuisance animals that have infested a property. Wildlife prevention involves eliminating factors which attract wild animals to a home and making it more difficult for them to get inside.

Trapping and removing wild animals is a job that should always be left to a professional wildlife control company in Virginia, since animals are often crafty enough to avoid store-bought traps and can also be dangerous to handle. However, homeowners can try their hand at wildlife prevention. Some effective techniques for keeping animals out of your home include:


Doing all of these things will make it less likely that wild animals will try to invade your home. However, for the most effective pest prevention, you should contact a local wildlife control company.


Looking for Help With Wildlife Control?

Whether you’ve got bats in your attic or a skunk in your crawl space, wildlife control technicians can save the day. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today if you’d like to learn more about our wildlife removal and prevention services in Virginia!

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