We all want to be comfortable and have a personal space to rest. A house is the building but a home is a house filled with loved ones, laughs, and life. Natural pest control creates a balance of organisms in your yard or garden.

In a diverse ecosystem pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Chemical Pesticides

Chemical pesticides have many disadvantages. Although they remove pests effectively, they tend to kill many of the insects like a blanket impact. Any pesticide used to control the pests in your home or on agricultural land can pollute soil and water supplies. Pesticides used never just disappear. Although chemical pesticides dry, water and rain can loosen the concentrated pesticide taking the pesticide into the waterways and gardens and can make people sick.

The benefits of chemical pesticides decrease over time as pests become resistant to them. This means that the pesticide kills the weaker pests, leaving the strongest to breed a new generation that is immune to the pesticide.

Which pest control methods to use?

Before deciding which pest control method to use, it is important to learn about the pest. It would be a mistake to waste time and money controlling an insect or animal when it is not even bothering the plants and home residents.

Decide when to take action. Remember that all insects are part of the natural environment and we should try not to disturb the natural balance unless it is necessary. It is only worth investing money in pest control if the cost of damage by the pest is greater than the cost of controlling it.

Plants as natural pest control methods

Companion planting is an effective way of controlling pests. Certain plants can be used to deter pests. For example, onions or garlic planted in your garden will discourage insects because they do not like the smell.

Animals eat pests

The majority of small animals eat insects and other pests. For example, toads can eat thousands of insects each month, including cutworms, slugs, ants and caterpillars. Spiders eat many insect pests. These small animals can be attracted by growing plants that they like to eat or use as a natural shelter.

Natural Pesticides

It is possible to create pesticides using natural ingredients. Pest control companies like Pest Proof Pest Management have natural pesticides for the application to your garden and home. Natural pesticides are used to control and repel insects from returning to your home. It has been tested for many years in the field for performance and safety. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it leaves a light pleasant aroma.

Pest Proof

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