Houseflies are annoying because of their noise and habit of flying around your head at the most inopportune moments. If you have guests, fly problems can be embarrassing and make your home seem dirty even if all the surfaces are sparkling clean.

Houseflies present a seemingly impossible challenge. They can enter through the smallest gaps in a screen or if you open your door for a split second to get inside.

With a careful and methodical approach, it is possible to limit the opportunities houseflies have to get inside your home. If the problem gets too severe, the professionals at Pest Proof can use proven methods to eliminate flies from your home and limit their ability to get inside in the future.


How Do Flies Get in Your Home?

Flies get into your home through gaps in screens, open doors, and broken windows. They may also access your house through openings next to plumbing or electrical inlets or cracks in your foundation.

While flies seem to buzz around randomly, they are actually attracted by decaying matter. Your home may be sparkling clean. However, the insects could be drawn by the trash in a garbage can, residue in a drain, or organic matter in a garbage disposal.

Often flies will lay eggs in outdoor garbage cans or animal droppings around your house. Once in the area, they will inevitably be drawn to your house, seeking gaps or opportunities to get inside.


Methods to Remove Houseflies

You can find a variety of fly swatters, traps, and fly tape at hardware stores. These products may help treat the symptom. However, unless you eliminate entry points and reduce the attractions, flies will continue to enter your home.

One of the best ways to eliminate flies from the inside of your property is to begin by looking at the outside. Remove droppings or decaying matter from the outside of your house to eliminate the places where flies lay eggs. You should also move trash cans far away from your house and cover them as tightly as possible.

Finally, one of the most effective steps in housefly control is to repair screens and fill gaps around the house.


Get Professional Help to Prevent Houseflies in Manassas

Pest Proof can use safe, environmentally-friendly methods for removing houseflies. Our experts can also perform a preventative inspection and find and close access points and remove those things that attract flies in the first place.

Contact Pest Proof to deal with or prevent your housefly problem today

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