Mice and rats are despised all over the world and it’s not hard to see why. These rodents carry hantavirus, leptospirosis and many other diseases which they can spread to people. Worse still, rats and mice can cause extensive damage to your Manassas area home by relentlessly gnawing on everything, destroying wires, drywall and insulation everywhere they go.

No one wants to find mice or rats living in their home, but what happens if you do? Read on to learn some methods to get rid of rodents in your home in Manassas.


Top 4 Rodent Removal Methods

  1. Setting Traps – When you think of rodent control, you probably picture an old-fashioned snap trap, baited with cheese. There are actually quite a few different kinds of traps that you can set throughout your home to eliminate rats and mice, like glue traps and bucket traps. If you’d prefer to give your pests a second chance, you can even use live release traps. The best baits to entice mice and rats include peanut butter, nuts and grains, marshmallows, and pet food.
  2. Sealing Your Home Exterior – Many Manassas homeowners wonder how rats and mice find their way inside to begin with. The alarming truth is that rodents can squeeze through incredibly small spaces to get inside. To prevent this, you should walk along the perimeter of your home, mark any possible rodent entry points you find, and then seal them off. Just keep in mind that because rats and especially mice can get into your walls through such tiny spaces, you’re likely to miss some.
  3. Secure Your Food – Mice and rats are often tempted to enter homes in Manassas by the enticing smell of food. If you’re worried about a rodent presence in your home, make sure any food is securely stored and avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight. You should also cover any outdoor garbage cans with a tightly fitted lid to keep rats and mice from dumpster diving.
  4. Call the Pros – Getting rid of mice and rats is difficult work. Rodents are clever, and will often evade store-bought traps and find new ways into your home if you seal off the holes they’ve been using. For a permanent solution to your rodent problem, you’ll need to hire a professional rodent removal company in Manassas. Rodent control technicians have access to superior products and techniques which will allow them to thoroughly eradicate an infestation of rats or mice, and then prevent them from returning.


Your Best Option for Removing Mice & Rats

When you’ve had enough of the rats or mice living in your walls, let the professionals get rid of them for good. Contact Pest Proof Pest Management today if you’d like our help to eliminate a rodent infestation in the Manassas, VA area!

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